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Smiling Through Bad Weather

I do not normally read, or review, children’s books because I am not a child, I have no children, and I principally appreciate children as metaphors or plot devices. My loss, I know, but there you have it.

However, recently a story, written for children, came to my attention which so astutely captured the function of stories that I would be stupid not to mention it. Captain Devin and His Little Red Boat is the Continue reading Smiling Through Bad Weather

White House Journalist’s New Book, “At Mama’s Knee”

The journalist April Ryan has written a book about African-American mothers, and the effect that they have on their communities and their children. I am a sixty-five year-old man with no children, and I am as white as Dick Cheney. Thus I am, or should be, the book’s target market. Continue reading White House Journalist’s New Book, “At Mama’s Knee”

It Could Get Worse

So in Splinterlands, the very unusual novel by John Feffer,  the world has fallen to tribalism. We’re not talking about Brexit or the dissolution of Yugoslavia; we’re talking about the Walloons of South Brussels at war with the Flemish of North Brussels and the Independent Nation of Vermont and New Hampshire. It is the war of all against all, and, yes, somebody’s making a profit.

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Is It Time to Shut Down the Republican Party?

I cast my first vote — I say this now with a sort of perverse pride — for Richard Nixon, whose administration created EPA, devised a way to get government contracts to minority-owned firms, passed the Clean Air Act, ended the war in Viet Nam, and brought the PRC onto the international stage.

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