Dracula . A Love Story

Among the bogeymen on the fringes of human consciousness, Dracula stands alone. Frankenstein, Godzilla, and werewolves inhabit our nightmares; Dracula is the gleaming demon of our dreams.

The other monsters look out at us with animal rapaciousness and subhuman intellect. Dracula fixes us with a cool gaze. He is older than us, more powerful, profoundly more intelligent.

He loves with the force of gravity.
He loves with his whole being, and demands unconditional love in return.
He promises eternal life, and calls upon us to drink his blood.
This is not how men love. This is how God loves. This is rapture.

Dracula . A Love Story
a modern retelling of the Dracula story

by Tim Treanor
Directed by Christopher Henley

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see it live this summer at the 2014 Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, DC

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