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Here’s how to pick the presidential winner in 2016

I do not know to whom the fates will award the national plebiscite in 2016, and neither does anybody else. Recent history has been for the most part an unilluminating guide; recent Presidents have come from big states like California and Texas and small states like Arkansas; have been (moderately) conservative and (moderately) liberal; have been tall (Clinton) and short (Carter); have been from the East (Kennedy) and the west (Nixon, Reagan); the North (Kennedy, Ford, Obama) and the South (everybody else). We have not had a woman president but it is just a matter of time.

So who will win two years from now? How can we tell? I do not know the particulars, but I offer this reliable guide: the person we elect President in 2016 will be the person with the most awful father. Continue reading Here’s how to pick the presidential winner in 2016

We Are All Ukrainians

In the waning days of 1989 I moved, for professional reasons, from Buffalo to Chicago. It was not an easy thing to do; my family was all in Buffalo, as were almost all my friends. I was at home there – familiar with the streets, the bistros, the politicians, the theater, the Sabres. I knew no one in Chicago. Still, I had been offered a job in Chicago for more money than I ever imagined making – nearly fifty thousand a year, which was roughly forty thousand more than I had cleared in the previous year’s solo legal practice. Continue reading We Are All Ukrainians