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The Lesson of the First Super Bowl

One of the great advantages of my advanced age is that what is memory to me is history to others. As Super Bowl XLIX looms before us, I remember Super Bowl I. Those of you good at math will instantly recognize that XLIX-I = XLVIII. And so it was forty-eight years ago that I, at the mere age of XV, sat and sweated before our black-and-white television and watched the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs take on the NFL’s Green Bay Packers. For me, and for other AFL fans, it might not be the end of the universe if Green Bay won, but it would be the end of the moral universe. And when the unimaginable happened, and Green Bay walked off with a 35-10 victory, the age of justice came to an end, and I resigned myself to a life of unrelieved cynicism. Continue reading The Lesson of the First Super Bowl