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THE SEDUCTION OF BRAULIO JULES: Now out in Paperback and ebook

Did you think the government shutdown was a bad idea?
Get a load of what’s coming next….

It is 2018, and time to pay the check. Trillions of dollars in debt, the United States faces economic doom as the massive baby boom generation begins to demand its promised benefits from Medicare and Social Security. The nation’s amoral leaders – a billionaire industrialist, an affable politician with a taste for blood and a Strangelovian scientist – hit upon a desperate remedy: a virus which selectively attacks those born before 1962.

     They discover a way to create such a virus. But it must first be sexually transmitted to someone with an extremely rare blood type, incubated for thirty days, and then harvested. A daunting project, but it is being undertaken by people who are not accustomed to being denied…

     Now consider Braulio Jules, a young man with a good heart. The son of a grifter and a dreamer, Braulio had hopes and aspirations for himself. But they all seem destined for collapse, as the untalented Congressman for whom he works is headed toward a massive defeat at the polls. Suddenly, there is intervention from the very top, as the White House sends one of its best political advisors to help Braulio and the floundering upstate New York Congressman. Braulio soon discovers, to his amazement, that there is an exciting job waiting for him in Washington, with entrée to the world of national politics.

     How can that be? All Braulio has is a few years of experience in local politics…and an extremely rare blood type.

Discover, with Braulio, how evil progresses: one step at a time.

The Seduction of Braulio Jules