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July 18, 2014 — interview with Tim Treanor

“Years of sitting in the audience, scribbling notes for his reviews, led to Tim Treanor turning the tables on himself and sinking his teeth in to the story of a classic villain … or as Treanor sees him, just a creature who happens to be the most powerful force on Earth.”  Sara K. Taylor, Maryland Independent

July 17, 2014 — “Dracula: A Love Story (there, I fixed it) delivers most of the story beats we expect from countless films, plays, TV shows, and comic books, but with a few comedic twists and a couple surprisingly bleak ones. This game, of manipulating audience expectations before finally satisfying them, is one the show plays well, at least until its final moments. I’m guessing that a sizable chunk of the audience will find A Love Story’s grim ending a bit tone-deaf. Yes, it’s a dark turn for a production that’s principal strength is that it never takes itself too seriously (which is itself a way of being serious, especially in the realm of fantasy). But I welcomed it. We in the theater shouldn’t need a happy ending to have a good time.”  – Joshua Buursma, Washington City Paper

July 15, 2014 — ” Lee Ordeman as Dracula is very believable as an eccentric, other worldly being who is willing and able to do what he must to replace his long-time love with his new infatuation, Lucy.  Including killing anyone who gets in his way.”  April Forrer, MDTheatreGuide

July 13, 2014 –“Dracula moonlighting as a blood-sucking lobbyist in downtown DC? Brilliant. A young Washingtonian concerned life should be more than the humdrum of laws, policies, and phone calls. Accurate.  An ongoing pontification of life vs. death? Yep. Love—the kind you would die for? Of course!”  Kelly McCorkendale, DCTheatreScene.

July 13, 2014 — “alternately poetic and pulp fiction modernization of the king of all vampire tales.”  Andrew Baughman, DCMetroTheaterArts

July 10, 2014 — MetroWeekly: Jay Hardee and Christopher Henley interview
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